• Directions and Dimensions of the Geospatial Industry: The first part of the study encapsulates the evolving landscape of the geospatial industry, geospatial technology innovations and trends, value of geospatial information to the economy, and much more!
  • Countries Geospatial Readiness Index: The second part of the Countries Geospatial Readiness Index, is a comparative assessment of 50 countries of their geospatial preparedness on the basis of their respective geospatial domain infrastructure, capacities, maturity and advancement levels in using geospatial information for economic and societal development
GeoBuiz Report 2017

Driving technologies have been disrupting the geospatial industry fabric and adding new dimensions to the value of geoinformation creating a geographical language of communication between policies, processes and practices...

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Picking up from its success, last year, GeoBuiz Summit is going to be a crucial event at GWF 2018. The summit aims to be a convention of business leaders and policy makers of the global geospatial industry. It shall be an archetype platform to discuss the role of collaborative co-existence in geospatial industry's evolving engagement in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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